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Find the Article below that you wish to view.  Click on underlined title and the first page will be displayed on a new screen that you can page down as you read.  Let me know what you think after reading the Article.  If you disagree, please tell me what scriptures support your position.  I too am a seeker of truth and if I am wrong, I want to know why.

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Why it is so hard to find the real Truth in God's Word.

Exactly what it takes for something to be Truth and not error.

Exactly what Truth will free you from.

Are you deceived?  How you can keep from becoming deceived.

The dangers of being dogmatic or following someone who is dogmatic.

What is the Truth about Armstrongism and the Worldwide Church of God?

Several steps to take to keep from getting mislead by articles and books that are deceptive.

Covens in the Church and The Terror of Hell written by John Burton examined for error.

A unique experience that began my Ministerial service for Jesus Christ.